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How To Get LoJack

Step 1

Visit the VG Motors online store and purchase a LoJack device.

Step 2

A certified local technician will bring the LoJack device with them and conduct the installation for you at a time and place of your choosing (free of charge).

Step 3

Have peace of mind knowing that you are connected and protected by the #1 trusted brand in stolen vehicle recovery technology.

lojack benefits



The Benefits You'll Enjoy

No Monthly Fees

Enjoy years of LoJack benefits without recurring monthly fees.

Complimentary Installation

A certified local technician will come to your driveway and conduct the 30 minute LoJack installation at no extra cost to you.

$5k Recovery Guarantee

LoJack guarantees your stolen vehicle returned to you within 30 days or they will pay you up to $5k.

What Makes LoJack #1

World Class Location Tracking

Always know where your vehicle is located


Set geofences and receive notifications when your vehicle enters or exits areas of interest like work or school

Smart Alerts

Receive alerts for speeding, low battery, service, and recall eligibility

Integrated With Law Enforcement

LoJack is the only stolen vehicle recovery product directly integrated with local law enforcement

Customer Testimonials

"I have LoJack devices on both of my vehicles and I could not be more impressed by both the quality and usability of the device. The team at VG Motors were great to work with. Would definitely recommend."
Jenn (Florida)
"Super easy buying process. Tech came out on the time/date scheduled. Install too less than 30 min. Works great!"
Darwin (Florida)
"Had a great experience! Installer showed up on time and had the device installed quickly and easily. VG Motors was a pleasure to work with; would recommend. Plus I have much more peace of mind knowing my vehicle is secure. Thanks!"
Kathy (Indiana)


Criminals should be held in check.  Take action. No longer be the victim.

LoJack® has aided in the recovery of over 300,000 vehicles in excess of $4B

Trust VG Motors as your LoJack Dealer

LoJack Device Features

Vehicle Location

You will always know where your vehicle is located

Service Notifications

Service notifications will help you schedule appointments to keep you car in good condition

Recall Notifications

Get push notifications for cost-free fixes at a local dealership

Driving Behavior

Receive visibility on how your vehicle is being driven

Battery Alerts

No more guessing on whether your battery is charged

Trip History

See maps of historical trips to include date, time, and length

Law Enforcement

Only stolen vehicle recovery system directly integrated with law enforcement

Create Geofences

Set boundaries around places like work and school and receive notifications when your vehicle enters or exits the area

2 Year Warranty

Limited to MSRP for LoJack®
Terms and conditions apply

Virtual Glove Box

No longer depend on keeping paper copies of service records. It can all be digitally stored in one place.

Financial Guarantee

LoJack will compensate you up to $5,000 if your vehicle is not recovered in 30 days

LoJack Mobile App

Use the free LoJack® app on Android of iOS

Nationwide LoJack Dealer and Installer. Simply Purchase Online And We Will Install LoJack In Your Vehicle Without You Ever needing To Leave Your Driveway.

Are you looking to have a vehicle recovery device installed in your vehicle?  You may be wondering where to start and which device to choose.  If you Google “vehicle recovery GPS device” you are likely presented with a vast array of options.  Although any one of these devices is likely better than not having anything installed, why would you settle for anything less than utilizing the #1 vehicle recovery brand?  

Next, you may ask, “Is there a LoJack dealer or installer near me?”. VG Motors is the highest rated nationwide LoJack dealer in the United States because we make the buying process easy and provide free installation near you (as long as you are within the continental US).

There are a variety of reasons our customers choose to have a LoJack vehicle recovery device installed in their vehicle.  First, the most common reason why a consumer may be concerned their vehicle will be stolen.  This makes sense, especially when looking at the recent vehicle automotive theft statistics which have indicated an alarming increase in theft since 2020.  You to want to protect your automotive asset, and LoJack has proven their effectiveness in this area with a 98%+ recovery rate.

Secondly, customers choose to install LoJack in their vehicle if they have a teenager who just got their drivers license.  Naturally, a parent might be hesitant to give their teenager free reign to express their new found freedom.  Being able to set up geofences, speed alerts, and have 24/7 location tracking helps alleviate a lot of the stress involved in letting a teenager spread their wings as they are given a higher degree of independence.

Customers all over the United States choose to trust VG Motors as their LoJack dealer because we are easy to do business with.  Furthermore, We don’t expect you to come to our location and sit in an uncomfortable waiting room while you wait for a technician to work on your vehicle.  Ordering from our online store is easy with free shipping and no hidden fees.  After you place an order, our customer success team reaches out to you to schedule a time and place for our technician to install LoJack on your vehicle.  Most of our customers want the process to be as easy as possible, so we often schedule to come to your driveway and conduct the installation.  Meanwhile, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home or clear out half a day to install a LoJack vehicle recovery device.  Our technicians typically complete the entire installation in less than 1 hour.

Choose the Most Trusted Dealer With the #1 Trusted Stolen Vehicle Recovery Brand. Choose LoJack.

LoJack App VG Motors

As the preferred nationwide Lojack dealer, VG Motors helps you connect and protect your vehicle so you have the upper hand against criminals.  Above all, you work hard to provide for your family and to keep them safe.  Now, you’ll have that extra level of comfort that what you care about is more secure.  VG Motors is here to give you the upper hand by choosing to trust the best stolen vehicle recovery device available.  Choose LoJack.

LoJack is a brand of stolen vehicle recovery system that is installed in vehicles to help locate and recover them if they are stolen. LoJack uses both cell network and GPS technology to communicate with law enforcement agencies and recover stolen vehicles. If you live in an area where car theft is a common occurrence, or if you are concerned about the safety and security of your vehicle, LoJack may be a good investment for you. It can provide you with peace of mind and may even help to reduce your car insurance premiums. Additionally, LoJack may help to recover your vehicle more quickly if it is stolen, which can save you time and money in the long run.


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