LoJack Customer Reviews With VG Motors

"Having LoJack on the vehicle gives me piece of mind that my teenage driver is safe when I am not around."

Blake (Hope Mills, NC)

"I really appreciated the quick turnaround for getting LoJack installed on my Case skid steer. "

Lisa (Lakeville, IN)

"Super easy buying process. Tech came out on time/date scheduled. Install took less than 30 min. Works Great!"

Darwin (Tarpon Springs, FL)

"I would highly recommend getting LoJack!"

Tim (LaPorte, IN)

"The installation process was super easy...took about 15-20 minutes and I was up and running. Couldn't be happier!"

Brent (Chicago, IL)

"I have LoJack devices on both of my vehicles and I could not be more impressed by both the quality and usability of the device. The team at VG Motors were great to work with. Would definitely recommend."

Jenn (Port Richey, FL)

"We are so thankful for LoJack and the peace of mind we have been gifted..."

Savannah (Hope Mills, NC)

"The installation happened in under 30 minutes or so...One thing I don't have to worry about is finding my vehicle."

Tyler (Fort Wayne, IN)

Customer Testimonials

"...Impressive how quick and easy the turn around time was from purchase to installation!..."
kari lojack
Kari (Oldsmar, FL)
"...it's been a pleasure hassle free experience dealing with this company, they handle business. Highly recommend going through them for a LoJack system..."
Michael (Diamond Bar, CA)
"I was so happy to obtain my connected theft protection device from this LoJack dealer. They were super easy to work with..."
woman field sunlight
Lillie (Naperville, IL)
"The VG Motors team took a lot of time of the phone to answer all of my questions about the LoJack prior to my purchase (and provided even more insightful details than what I even asked. They made the process of lining up an installer to meet me at my office to install while I was working super simple..."
marc wilson lojack
Marc (Irving, TX)
"This product is amazing, and the installation process was so smooth. Highly recommend!"
Brent (Chicago, IL)
"...I recently had a LoJack installed in my vehicle and I couldn't be happier with the service I received from VG Motors. The installation team was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and efficient..."
Tyler (Fort Wayne, IN)
"I have LoJack devices on both of my vehicles and I could not be more impressed by both the quality and usability of the device. The team at VG Motors were great to work with. Would definitely recommend."
Jenn (Port Richey, FL)
"Super easy buying process. Tech came out on the time/date scheduled. Install too less than 30 min. Works great!"
Darwin (Tarpon Springs, FL)
"Had a great experience! Installer showed up on time and had the device installed quickly and easily. VG Motors was a pleasure to work with; would recommend. Plus I have much more peace of mind knowing my vehicle is secure. Thanks!"
Kathy (Indianapolis, IN)
"Very knowledgeable and efficient."
Ron (Sardinia, OH)
"...They came to my home at a scheduled time.The installer was prompt! He was kind enough to send me a text message telling me he would arrive in one hour prior to his appointment time.He installed LoJack on my 2016 Silverado 2500HD and LoJack on my 2019 Jeep Cherokee. He was polite, he did a great job..."
Dan (Bakersfield, CA)
"Excellent professionalism. VG Motors installed and explained how to use my LoJack in a matter of minutes. I recommend VG Motors for your LoJack installation."
Loren (Port Richey, FL)

Sound good? Let's go!

Why LoJack Testimonials Matter

At VG Motors, we are committed to providing our customers with the best vehicle security and tracking solutions available on the market. We are proud to be a trusted LoJack dealer, offering our customers the most advanced tracking and recovery systems to protect their vehicles from theft.

We take pride in offering our customers the best service and support.  We are dedicated to helping our customers protect their vehicles and giving them the peace of mind they deserve.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your vehicle with LoJack.

For those who may be unfamiliar, LoJack is a vehicle tracking system that uses radio and GPS technology to locate stolen vehicles quickly and efficiently.  With LoJack law enforcement agencies can track stolen vehicles in real-time, increasing the likelihood of a quick recovery.  Given the prevalence of vehicle theft, it’s no surprise that many individuals and businesses have turned to LoJack for added security. But, what sets LoJack apart from other security sytems on the market?  The answer lies in customer testimonials.

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, there are countless options available.  However, LoJack offers a unique set of benefits that make it an attractive choice for many.  For starters, LoJack is a passive system, meaning that it doesn’t require any user input to function.  Once installed, LoJack will monitor your vehicle’s location 24/7, providing added peace of mind.  Additionally, LoJack’s technology is superior to other tracking systems, as it can locate stolen vehicles even if they are hidden in places like garages or shipping containers.

If you’ve ever experienced the panic and frustration of having your car stolen, you know how important it is to have a reliable and effective way to recover it. That’s where LoJack comes in. LoJack is a vehicle recovery system that uses advanced technology to help law enforcement track and recover stolen vehicles quickly and safely. But don’t just take our word for it. In this article, we’ll share real-life stories of LoJack customers who have had their stolen vehicles recovered thanks to this innovative technology.

Introduction: Why LoJack is the Best Vehicle Recovery System

LoJack is the most effective vehicle recovery system on the market today. With a 90% recovery rate and over 30 years of experience, LoJack has helped recover over 200,000 stolen vehicles in North America alone. LoJack’s advanced technology uses a unique Radio Frequency (RF) signal that enables law enforcement to track and recover stolen vehicles quickly and safely, even in challenging urban environments.

The Power of LoJack: Real-Life Stories of Vehicle Recovery Success

  1. The Case of the Stolen Honda Civic

Mariah had just parked her brand new Honda Civic in front of her apartment building when it was stolen in broad daylight. She immediately contacted the police and reported the theft, but feared she would never see her car again. Luckily, Mariah had LoJack installed in her car, and within hours, the police were able to locate and recover her stolen vehicle. Mariah was thrilled to have her car back, and grateful for the peace of mind that LoJack provided.

  1. The Adventure of the Stolen Jeep Wrangler

When Ben’s Jeep Wrangler was stolen from his driveway, he was devastated. He loved his Jeep and had spent years customizing it to his liking. But thanks to LoJack, he was able to get it back. The police were able to track the Jeep to a chop shop in a nearby town, and with LoJack’s help, recover it in one piece. Ben was overjoyed to have his beloved Jeep back, and vowed never to take its safety for granted again.

  1. The Miracle of the Stolen BMW

When Jenna’s BMW was stolen from a shopping mall parking lot, she thought it was gone for good. She had just purchased the car and was devastated by the loss. But thanks to LoJack, the car was recovered within hours of the theft. The police tracked it down to a garage in an industrial area, where it had been stripped for parts. But thanks to LoJack, the car was still in one piece, and Jenna was able to get it back. She was amazed by how quickly and efficiently LoJack had worked to recover her stolen vehicle.

  1. The Drama of the Stolen Ford F-150

When Chris’s Ford F-150 was stolen from his job site, he knew he was in trouble. He relied on the truck to transport tools and equipment for his construction business, and without it, he was at a loss. But thanks to LoJack, the truck was located and recovered within hours of the theft. Chris was relieved to have his truck back, and impressed by the speed and accuracy of LoJack’s recovery process.

Conclusion: Why LoJack is the Best Choice for Vehicle Security

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective way to protect your vehicle from theft, LoJack is the clear choice. With a 98% recovery rate and over 30 years of experience, LoJack is the most trusted name in vehicle recovery. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your car or truck with LoJack today.

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