Who Sells LoJack: Ensuring the Safety of Your Vehicles

When it comes to protecting your vehicles against theft, LoJack has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. With their advanced tracking and recovery systems, LoJack provides a reliable solution for vehicle owners worldwide. In this article, we will explore the significance of LoJack, its features, and where you can find authorized sellers to ensure the safety of your valuable assets. Let’s dive in to learn who sells LoJack and who to trust! VG Motors, your trusted Provo dealership, specializes in quality vehicles. Explore our inventory with confidence, and ask about our LoJack security options.

Understanding the Importance of Vehicle Security

In today’s world, vehicle theft is a prevalent concern that affects both individuals and businesses. Losing a vehicle not only results in financial loss but also causes significant inconvenience and distress. Thus, ensuring the security of your vehicles is of paramount importance. In fact, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) estimates 1.9 vehicles are stolen every minute in America.

Introducing LoJack: A Reliable Vehicle Recovery System

LoJack is a leading provider of vehicle tracking and recovery systems. Founded in 1986, LoJack has been at the forefront of combating vehicle theft by offering innovative and effective solutions. Their advanced technology enables real-time tracking and swift recovery, reducing the chances of permanent loss. In fact, LoJack touts an impressive 98% success rate in stolen vehicle recovery.

The Key Features of LoJack

GPS and Cellular Tracking Technology

LoJack utilizes cutting-edge GPS and cellular tracking technology, allowing precise monitoring of your vehicle’s location. This technology enables both vehicle owners and law enforcement agencies to track stolen vehicles with accuracy.

Rapid Recovery Assistance

In the unfortunate event of theft, LoJack’s rapid recovery assistance ensures a prompt response. By working closely with law enforcement agencies, LoJack can quickly recover stolen vehicles, minimizing the potential damage. In fact, LoJack returns helps retrieve stolen vehicles in an average of only 26 minutes.

Integration with Law Enforcement Agencies

LoJack has established partnerships with law enforcement agencies worldwide. This integration enables seamless communication and cooperation, enhancing the efficiency of vehicle recovery operations.

Authorized Dealers: Ensuring Genuine Products and Services

To ensure the authenticity and reliability of your LoJack system, it is essential to purchase from authorized dealers.

Authorized Dealers

Many authorized dealerships offer LoJack systems as part of their vehicle security packages. These dealerships provide professional installation and after-sales support, giving you peace of mind.

Several reputable online marketplaces also offer genuine LoJack systems. However, it is crucial to verify the authenticity of the seller and ensure that they are an authorized retailer of LoJack products. Always check for the official LoJack seal or certification when purchasing from online marketplaces. Upgrade your ride at VG Motors with LoJack security—peace of mind, swift recovery, and unmatched protection. Drive with confidence today! VG Motors ensures Jeep security with LoJack, offering a cost-effective solution. Navigate confidently, safeguarding your adventurous investment.

How To Purchase LoJack Online

LoJack App VG Motors
  1. Purchase LoJack from the VG Motors online store.
  2. Schedule a convenient time for one of our local certified technicians to install LoJack for you (complimentary service – free of charge – we come to you).
  3. You feel good that your vehicle is connected and protected by the #1 stolen vehicle recovery brand.

Reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017 and we can answer any questions you may have.

While the LoJack price may vary depending on the specific model and features, many vehicle owners find it to be a valuable investment in enhancing the security of their cars and increasing the chances of recovery in the event of theft.

LoJack Cost For Vehicles Made Simple.

VG Motors eliminates any confusion and provides straightforward pricing on the LoJack devices we sell.

lojack 5 year single red

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

VG Motors also offers LoJack bundle packages where you can save up to $200 off on the cost of LoJack.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

LoJack Cost For Construction Equipment

LoJack For Trailers and Construction Equipment 5 Year Single (Yellow)

VG Motors eliminates any confusion and provides straightforward pricing on the LoJack devices we sell.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

For those of you who may own multiple pieces of equipment, whether that be frontloaders, skid steers, bobcats, dump trucks, trailers, or specialty mowing equipment, we can provide expert LoJack installation anywhere in the 48 lower United States. We will come to you whether that be at your work site or at your headquarters we can come anywhere your equipment is located.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

LoJack Key Features

LoJack is a powerful anti-theft system designed to help you recover stolen property. There are a few features that make LoJack stand out. First and foremost, LoJack provides you with an extra layer of security for your car. By equipping your car with LoJack, law enforcement is much better equipped to respond and quickly retrieve your property. The system can track the car’s location within a few feet, and when the equipment is reported as stolen, law enforcement can use that information to apprehend the thieves. VG Motors fortifies Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD security with LoJack. Drive with confidence, knowing your powerhouse is safeguarded.

Further, LoJack will provide you with the following popular alerts on the LoJack app:

  • Geofence Alerts – Set boundaries around places like worksites and storage facilities and receive notifications when your vehicle enters or exits the area.
  • Battery Alerts – No more guessing on whether your battery is charged. LoJack will alert you if your battery is low on charge.
  • Driving Behavior – Receive visibility on how your car is being utilized
  • Recall Notifications – Receive push notifications for cost-free fixes at a local dealership
  • Service Notifications – Service notifications will help you schedule appointments to keep your equipment in good condition

In addition, the customer service provided by LoJack is top-notch, meaning you can trust that assistance will be available if you have any problems or questions. These features make LoJack a great option for those looking to ensure their car’s safety and security. With tracking technology, alerts, and customer service, you can be sure that your equipment will be protected no matter where you go.

Additional LoJack Features

LoJack has several features that make it a reliable and efficient tracking system. Here are some of its key additional features:

  1. 24/7 Monitoring – The monitoring center is operational 24/7, which means that stolen equipment can be tracked and recovered at any time of the day.
  2. Certified Technicians – Systems are installed by certified technicians, which ensures that the system is installed correctly and functions as intended.
  3. Recovery Guarantee – If the stolen car is not recovered within 30 days, you receive $5k.

How Does the LoJack Installation Process Work?

VG Motors will send out a certified technician to conduct the LoJack vehicle for you. We come to wherever is most convenient for you. Whether it be in your driveway, workplace, or local body shop, we want to make the process hassle-free for you.

The average wait time for VG Motors to conduct the LoJack installation is 3-5 business days after an order is placed.

Once the installer is on-site, the whole process should take less than 1 hour before your device is installed and ready to be connected to your smartphone on the LoJack app.

How Does the $5k Recovery Guarantee Work?

LoJack has been in the stolen vehicle recovery industry for decades. They have accumulated true expertise and experience in the vehicle recovery space. In short, they have perfected their craft. This is why vehicles with LoJack installed have a 98% recovery rate with an average recovery time of 26 minutes.

LoJack is so confident in its abilities that they offer up to a $5k stolen vehicle recovery guarantee if your vehicle is not retrieved within 30 days. This is a tremendous security blanket for consumers as it acts as an insurance policy of sorts. Typically, stolen vehicles are only covered by insurance providers if you have a comprehensive policy. With LoJack installed, you could collect reimbursement from both LoJack and your insurance provider.

Conclusion | Who Sells LoJack

At VG Motors, we believe in empowering Americans to protect themselves and their cars, trucks, SUVs, construction equipment, and trailers. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (850) 407-3017 or email us at [email protected].  We will walk you through the entire LoJack ordering and installation process and help you combat the soaring crime rates in your area.  As your dedicated LoJack dealer and installer, VG Motors has got your back. You aren’t alone! Stay safe. Stay connected. And, above all, stay protected.  We hope this article provided insight and clarity regarding who sells LoJack and who to trust.

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