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LoJack Can Help Fight Against Rising Auto Thefts In Texas

If you’ve ever encountered a Texan you almost certainly have heard the saying “Don’t mess with Texas”. I mean, Texas is known for its gun-touting, freedom-loving, and truck-driving way of life.  To say it simply, Texas living is truly unique. One might assume since personal protection, conservativism, and traditional family values are engrained in Texas culture that it would be a safe place.  If you assume this then you are wrong! Let’s explore auto theft rates in the highest-risk areas in Texas and learn how LoJack can help.

Since 2020, auto theft has been on the rise on a national scale and Texas appears to be leading the charge.  According to a recent study from Compare.com, four major Texas cities are among the most at risk for vehicle break-ins and auto thefts from vehicles.

The study used police data from 18 of the 25 largest cities in the country to compile its list. Factors that went into rankings include the total number of car incidents reported and the total number of incidents per 100,000 residents in the metropolitan area. The study defines an incident as any crime involving a motor vehicle from auto theft to attempted theft and vehicle break-ins.

Top 3 Cities In Texas With Vehicle Thefts and Break-Ins

Residents of Texas may boast that their town is the best and should be at the top of any “best places to live in Texas” articles.  However, this is not the article that one wants their city in the top spot. The three most at-risk metropolitan areas are the following:

  1. Houston takes the #5 spot nationally and the #1 spot in Texas with 28,788 incidents
  2. Austin sits at #6 nationally and #2 in Texas with 19,277 incidents
  3. Fort Worth comes in at #7 nationally and #3 in Texas with 12,852 incidents

Adding insult to injury, if you have a full-sized Ford or Chevrolet pickup truck then you are at the highest probability of becoming a victim of auto theft.  To learn more about that, reference this article to learn more.

LoJack Can Help Protect Texas Citizens In High-Risk Areas

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VG Motors cares about you and your property. We want to make it easy for you to protect yourself.  We believe that a LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system will help give you the upper hand against criminals.  The process is simple, all you have to do is purchase a LoJack device from our online store. Secondly, we will schedule a convenient time for a certified technician to come to your driveway and install LoJack on your vehicle. Lastly, you will enjoy knowing your vehicle is connected and protected. Visit vgmotorsdirect.com to learn more.

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