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Samsung SmartTag vs. LoJack For Vehicle Tracking

The Samsung SmartTag is one of the most popular vehicle trackers on the market. But, how effective is it? From purses, keys, and even dogs, consumers want to know the location of their property at all times.  As a result, the Samsung SmartTag has grown in popularity for tracking some of their most precious items.  There are many use cases for SmartTags; however, we will just be evaluating some of the pros and cons of using Samsung SmartTags vs LoJack for vehicle tracking.

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SmartTag Price

Samsung SmartTags are relatively inexpensive.  Starting at just $29.99, it is easy to understand why an existing Samsung user would want to utilize SmartTag’s capabilities.  You can get them online or at most major electronic retailers.

SmartTag Size

Samsung SmartTags are relatively small devices measuring ~1.5 inches in diameter.  This makes it easy to attach to small items like keys or handbags without adding bulk or significant weight.

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SmartTag Battery Life

SmartTags have quite an extended battery life with an estimated lifespan of 300 days.  Once the battery runs out, you can easily replace it with a new CR2032 button cell.

SmartTag Ease of Use

The initial setup phase is intuitive and user-friendly with an integrated user experience on Samsung phones.

How Good Is The SmartTag At Vehicle Tracking?

Samsung SmartTags utilize Bluetooth technology that works in conjunction with Samsung devices.  Within Bluetooth range, a nearby Samsung phone will ping the SmartTag and update the SmartTag’s location without using any of the Samsung phone owner’s data or affecting their performance.  This could be highly effective in densely populated areas where there are a lot of nearby Samsung phones. The technology used by Samsung is very similar to the Apple AirTag. 

Sounds great on the surface, right? However, it does present vulnerabilities in the SmartTag’s performance regarding location tracking.  Most vehicles are stolen between 9 PM and 3 AM when there are fewer active people, thus fewer Samsung devices on the road.  This can significantly reduce the potential for tracking a stolen vehicle effectively as there would be far fewer potential phones that can ping the SmartTag’s location.  Additionally, if you live in rural America then there are far fewer potentials to ping other Samsung phones.

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SmartTag Compatibility

Samsung SmartTags are only compatible with Samsung phones. They will not work with iPhones.  Since Samsung has ~30% market share in the United States, you will essentially have a one in three chance of updating your SmartTag’s location IF you pass by someone.

Where to Secure SmartTag in a Vehicle

SmartTags are small, lightweight, and easily moveable once they are found.  With securing your device for vehicle tracking, it really comes down to how creative you are at hiding your SmartTag.  If you simply store it in the glove box, center console, or under the seat then chances are a carjacker will check those locations and throw it out before driving off with your vehicle.  If you are going to use a SmartTag, you will want to put some time in to consider a more discreet location. Some popular spots that don’t require professional installation yet are discreet are by placing it in the trunk by the spare tire or by removing the door’s trim and placing the AirTag where it can be easily concealed and unnoticed by thieves.

Overall Review of Samsung SmartTag Performance For Vehicle Tracking

SmartTag Vehicle Tracking Infographic

If you grew up in the public school system in America, chances are you have had interactions with the spork. This eating utensil was designed to be an all-in-one tool that performs as both a fork and a spoon.   It sounds great in theory, but in reality, it fails to perform either function well.

Similar to AirTags, Samsung SmartTags are a good all-purpose tracker. However, similar to a spork, it tries to do everything at once and yet fails to do anything exceptionally well.  Whereas, LoJack stolen vehicle recovery systems are a tailored made solution with high-level technology and precision.  A LoJack device won’t be the ideal tool for tracking your keys or handbag; however, it will track vehicles with excellence.  This is why LoJack is the #1 stolen vehicle recovery brand. Elevate your vehicle’s security with Columbus’ trusted LoJack dealer. Experience top-tier technology and expert installation for ultimate peace of mind.

LoJack is the Premium Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

LoJack Go

Your vehicle’s location, battery status, and smart alerts will all be accessible from the palm of your hand using the LoJack Go app. LoJack Go is available on both iOS and Android devices with 4.8 stars and 36k reviews.  With LoJack Go, you can set geofences so you’ll be alerted when your vehicle enters or exits a specified area (ie. Work, school, or city limits).  Additionally, you’ll receive smart alerts like low battery warnings, trip history, and recall and service notifications.

LoJack is a premium brand in the stolen vehicle recovery industry and the price reflects that.  LoJack service agreements typically range from 3-7 years and prices vary based on the dealership you are working with (usually between $750-$2,000 + installation)

VG Motors LoJack Product Listing For Sale

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