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Do you own a company car or are you interested in the LoJack cost for company cars? We can expertly install LoJack anywhere in the 48 lower United States. In addition, we will come to you, whether that is at your work site or headquarters. In fact, we’ll install LoJack wherever your company car is located. VG Motors, your League City LoJack Dealer, ensures superior vehicle security with expert professional installation. Drive confidently with us.

How To Order LoJack For Company Cars

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  1. Purchase LoJack from the VG Motors online store.
  2. Schedule a convenient time for one of our local certified technicians to install LoJack for you (complimentary service – free of charge – we come to you).
  3. You feel good that your vehicle is connected and protected by the #1 stolen vehicle recovery brand.

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While the LoJack price may vary depending on the specific model and features, many vehicle owners find it to be a valuable investment in enhancing the security of their cars and increasing the chances of recovery in the event of theft.

LoJack Cost For Your Company car

VG Motors eliminates any confusion and provides straightforward pricing on the LoJack devices we sell.

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Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

VG Motors also offers LoJack bundle packages where you can save up to $200 off on the cost of LoJack.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

Crime Stats

To demonstrate, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the top 10 states for stolen vehicles in 2020 were:

  1. California – 141,757 stolen vehicles
  2. Texas – 66,358 stolen vehicles
  3. Florida – 39,048 stolen vehicles
  4. Georgia – 32,872 stolen vehicles
  5. North Carolina – 26,393 stolen vehicles
  6. Ohio – 22,903 stolen vehicles
  7. Colorado – 22,345 stolen vehicles
  8. Washington – 22,242 stolen vehicles
  9. Missouri – 21,099 stolen vehicles
  10. Arizona – 20,158 stolen vehicles

Moreover, in 2020, these states accounted for over two-thirds of all vehicle thefts in the United States. Additionally, California had the highest number of stolen vehicles, more than twice as many as Texas, the second-highest state. Vehicle theft costs Americans billions annually and poses serious concerns. Stolen vehicles can be used for smuggling, drug trafficking, and human trafficking, aside from financial losses to owners and insurers. To prevent theft, owners should secure their vehicles by parking in well-lit areas, locking doors and windows, and installing anti-theft devices.

Furthermore, LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system is ideal for any car, truck, or SUV owner in the United States. VG Motors provides service in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest. The only areas we do not provide service in is Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Ensuring the safety and security of company vehicles is a top priority for businesses across industries. With rising instances of vehicle theft and unauthorized usage, implementing robust tracking systems is essential. One such widely recognized solution is LoJack. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of vehicle tracking systems, specifically focusing on the LoJack cost for company cars. By understanding the financial implications and benefits of this technology, companies can make informed decisions to protect their valuable assets and streamline operations. VG Motors, your trusted Manchester LoJack Dealer, provides expert professional installation for unmatched vehicle security. Drive with confidence.

The Significance of Vehicle Tracking Systems

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies heavily rely on efficient transportation to carry out their operations. Company cars are often an integral part of the fleet, providing essential services such as deliveries, client visits, and employee commutes. However, the risk of vehicle theft and misuse poses significant challenges to businesses, resulting in financial losses and operational disruptions.

To mitigate these risks, vehicle tracking systems have emerged as indispensable tools. With real-time monitoring and location tracking, these systems offer enhanced security, fleet management capabilities, and data-driven insights. Among the leading solutions available, LoJack stands out for its proven track record and comprehensive features.

Understanding the LoJack System

LoJack is a renowned vehicle tracking system that utilizes advanced GPS technology to locate stolen vehicles. The system consists of a hidden transceiver installed in the vehicle, which communicates with law enforcement agencies. This enables swift and precise recovery of stolen company cars, minimizing losses and downtime.

Implementing LoJack requires an initial investment, which covers the cost of equipment installation and activation. While the LoJack cost for company cars may vary depending on factors such as fleet size and length of service terms, it is essential to consider the long-term benefits it offers.

Evaluating the Financial Implications

When considering the LoJack cost for company cars, it’s crucial to assess the financial implications comprehensively. While the initial investment might seem significant, it is essential to weigh it against potential losses from vehicle theft or unauthorized usage.

By installing LoJack systems, companies can benefit from reduced insurance premiums, as insurers recognize the added security provided by such tracking solutions. Moreover, the system’s ability to recover stolen vehicles promptly can minimize operational disruptions and associated costs.

In addition to the financial advantages, LoJack offers several operational benefits that enhance fleet management and employee accountability.

Streamlining Fleet Operations

With LoJack installed in company cars, fleet managers gain real-time visibility into vehicle locations and activities. This allows for optimized route planning, efficient dispatching, and improved response times. By minimizing idle time and optimizing routes, businesses can reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs, leading to substantial savings in the long run.

Furthermore, LoJack helps enforce company policies regarding the authorized use of company vehicles. With geo-fencing capabilities, managers can set boundaries and receive notifications when vehicles deviate from approved areas. This promotes employee accountability and deters unauthorized vehicle usage, reducing liabilities and ensuring compliance.

Peace of Mind and Customer Satisfaction

Vehicle theft not only impacts the financial well-being of a company but also erodes customer trust. By investing in LoJack, businesses can convey their commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. This assurance goes a long way in maintaining positive brand reputation and fostering long-term relationships with clients.

Knowing that their company cars are equipped with LoJack, employees can also feel more secure while conducting business operations. This, in turn, improves their productivity and job satisfaction, ultimately benefiting the overall organizational performance.

Now that we have explored the financial and operational benefits of implementing LoJack for company cars, let’s delve into the factors that influence the LoJack cost for company cars.

Factors Affecting the LoJack Cost for Company Cars

The LoJack cost for company cars can vary based on several factors. These include the size of the fleet, the number of vehicles to be equipped with LoJack, and the length of service term for each unit.

It is advisable for businesses to consult with LoJack service providers to obtain accurate cost estimates tailored to their unique needs. By understanding these factors and considering the value proposition of LoJack, companies can make informed decisions about integrating this robust tracking system into their fleet management strategy.

Let’s now address some common concerns regarding the implementation of LoJack for company cars.

Addressing Concerns and Considerations

While the benefits of LoJack are clear, companies may have concerns regarding the implementation process, maintenance, and ongoing support. It is essential to choose a reputable service provider with a strong track record in vehicle tracking solutions.

Moreover, companies should evaluate the service agreement terms, including warranties, customer support, and software updates. By addressing these concerns and considering the overall value proposition, businesses can mitigate potential risks and make well-informed decisions.


Investing in the security and tracking capabilities of LoJack for company cars is a wise decision for businesses aiming to safeguard their assets and streamline operations. While the initial LoJack cost for company cars may seem significant, the long-term financial benefits, enhanced fleet management, and improved customer satisfaction make it a worthwhile investment.

By accurately assessing the LoJack cost for company cars and considering factors such as fleet size and service terms, businesses can choose the most suitable solution. Embracing LoJack will not only protect valuable assets but also bolster brand reputation, increase employee accountability, and ultimately contribute to the success of the organization.

Why Choose VG Motors?

Indeed, VG Motors takes your security and equipment protection seriously. We are prompt communicators and set clear expectations for installation services. We are a military and minority owned business that prides itself on excellence, integrity, and promptness. Don’t trust just any car dealer or technician with your LoJack installation. LoJack’s trained technicians will install LoJack in your company car in under one hour, protecting your company car every step of the way.

Obviously, LoJack is the best in the business for vehicle and equipment recovery. It has a 98% recovery rate and an average recovery time of 26 minutes. LoJack also provides a $5,000 financial guarantee if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days.

Furthermore, we can install LoJack in your company car as quickly as the next day. On average, however, we install LoJack within 3 to 5 business days of placing the order. Customers nationwide choose VG Motors for their company cars and are satisfied with the process. Read reviews on our Google page or watch our video testimonials on YouTube. Count on us for the best service and support in getting LoJack installed in your company car. For more information, call 850-407-3017 or email us at [email protected].

What to Consider

Certainly, when you consider the LoJack for company cars, various options determine the LoJack cost for company cars. VG Motors provides LoJack devices with three, five, and seven-year service terms, ranging from $800 to $1100. All service terms offer the same cutting-edge features and benefits. For new vehicles, consider five or seven-year terms. For older vehicles or potential trade-ins/sales, a three-year term is advisable.

Thus, if you still have questions, call us at 850-407-3017 or email [email protected]. Thank you for your time. We hope you now understand the LoJack cost for company cars and the installation process. We’re here to support you and provide the best experience. LoJack keeps your company car connected and protected.

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