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How to Recover Your Stolen Vehicle If You Don’t Have GPS Tracking

Let’s explore what you should do to recover your stolen vehicle if a GPS tracking device isn’t already installed. You’ve had that feeling.  That moment when you realize something you value has been lost or stolen.  That sense of fear, anxiety, and the rising boil of anger inside of you.  Well, tens of thousands of Americans experience this every year when they realize that they have become the victim of vehicle theft.

Unfortunately, most consumers do not believe they will ever be the victim of vehicle theft so they don’t take any proactive steps to protect themselves.  However, there is a growing number who will take a stand by taking proactive actions that will give them the ability to stand up for themselves and hold the wrongdoers accountable. 

Enter Frank

To learn how to recover a stolen vehicle without any tracking device, let’s dive into Frank’s story.  Frank is one of those guys who can take care of himself (at least he thinks so).  He is a 33-year-old Account Executive at a medical device company based in Chattanooga, TN.  He is an ex-collegiate football player, works out, and makes +$100k per year.  Also, Frank is a big self-defense enthusiast, self-assured, and lives an active lifestyle.  In most instances, Frank is a guy who would never be picked on or messed with.

The Shock

Except for that one fateful day when Frank left his 2018 Honda Accord in the driveway overnight instead of pulling it into the garage.  When Frank woke up the next morning he swung open his front door as he was running late for a meeting and utter confusion came over him.  That confusion led to fear.  The fear turned to anger.  Frank shouted (as he was prone to swearing), “💩, where the **** is my car?!”

Frank had no idea when he moved to Chattanooga that it is the 13th worst city for automotive thefts in the United States; leaving a car parked outside overnight on a Sunday was the highest probability of getting stolen.

Call For Help To Recover Stolen Vehicle Without GPS Tracking

Uncharacteristically, Frank was completely beside himself on what to do.  He just stood in his driveway for a few moments until he came to his senses and called 911.  After Frank fumbled through the situation with the operator he was asked the following questions:

  1. Can you provide me with the following vehicle information?
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • License Plate
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Color
  2. When and where did you last see your vehicle?
  3. Do you have a vehicle recovery device like LoJack installed in the vehicle?
  4. Do you have any security footage of the theft?

The Frantic Search For Information

Frank didn’t know all of the information off the top of his head so he hung up and stormed inside searching for his vehicle’s identification number.  Once he found the VIN he opened up the security camera app on his phone and watched the footage.  Certainly, this would help him get his car back!

The angle of the camera was limited as he had pulled up as far into the driveway as he could before hitting the garage.  Because of this, the camera could only capture the very back passenger side bumper of the Honda Accord.  At 2:43 AM he saw the Honda’s lights illuminate on the security feed.  Several seconds later, the vehicle backed up slowly into the street and drove away. 

The Disappointment

It didn’t happen at all how you see it in the movies.  There was no sketchy guy in a hoodie frantically breaking into the car and speeding away.  In fact, based on the security footage, there was nobody to be seen who actually broke in.

Frank then called back and spoke with the operator provided the basic vehicle information she requested and informed her about the security footage.  Although he couldn’t make out any useful information, he sent her the video file.  He thought, “They’re the police, certainly they are able to use their expertise to get this guy!”

Coming to Terms With the Situation

After hanging up with the police station operator, Frank was starting to understand his situation.  Although the operator was helpful and assured him they would be looking for his Honda Accord, he was without a car, didn’t have any useful security footage, and had no idea if his insurance would cover all the expenses involved with this.  Frank was already late for his meeting so he just called an Uber and would deal with the situation later.

Like thousands of other victims, he looked up whatever information he could find regarding a vehicle theft.  To his dismay, he saw that nearly 50% of stolen vehicles are never recovered according to 2020 data. He also learned that liability, collision, uninsured motorist protection, personal injury, roadside assistance, and homeowners and renters insurance do not cover car theft.  Only comprehensive car insurance covers the theft of your vehicle. Elevate your workspace with top-quality furniture for the office. Enhance comfort and productivity with stylish and functional solutions.

His face instantly turned white.  He didn’t have comprehensive car insurance.

Whether or not his vehicle would ever be found was quite literally the flip of a coin.  Heads it’s found and tails it’s gone forever.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Vehicle Theft

The victim mentality is running rampant all over our society with everyone competing for who has it worse or who has been wronged to most.  At VG Motors, we stand with those who reject this way of life.  It doesn’t matter your race, gender, or creed.  We stand with you if you value your individual freedom and your right to protect your property.  VG Motors installs LoJack vehicle recovery systems, the #1 trusted vehicle recovery brand in vehicles all over the United States.  We have local certified LoJack inspectors who can install a LoJack device in your vehicle, help you download the LoJack Go app, and give you peace of mind that your vehicle is always connected and protected.  To learn more, visit our website, or send us an email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Does comprehensive coverage cover theft if I leave the engine on?

Yes, comprehensive coverage will generally pay to replace your vehicle even if you leave the keys in the car.

How Do I report a stolen vehicle with LoJack?

  1. Notification: The owner uses the LoJack app to connect to law enforcement to file a police report
  2. Activation: The owner contacts the LoJack Concierge service through the LoJack app with a police report, activating LoJack recovery
  3. Recovery: LoJack picks up the signal using industry-leading GPS technology and shares that with your local police department

What is the recovery rate of a stolen vehicle with LoJack compared to one without?

Vehicles with LoJack installed have a 98% recovery rate whereas those without LoJack have a 54% recovery rate.

What if I have LoJack installed, but my vehicle isn’t recovered and I don’t have comprehensive insurance?

You are eligible for up to $10,000 reimbursement from LoJack if your vehicle is not recovered within 30 days.

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