How To Add LoJack To A Car: The Ultimate Guide

LoJack is a vehicle tracking system that can help locate and recover stolen cars. Adding LoJack to your car can give you peace of mind and increase the chances of recovering your vehicle if it is stolen. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to add LoJack to a car.

How To Add LoJack To A Car

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  1. Purchase LoJack from the VG Motors online store.
  2. Schedule a convenient time for one of our local certified technicians to install LoJack for you (complimentary service – free of charge – we come to you).
  3. You feel good that your vehicle is connected and protected by the #1 stolen vehicle recovery brand.

Reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017 and we can answer any questions you may have.

While the LoJack price may vary depending on the specific model and features, many vehicle owners find it to be a valuable investment in enhancing the security of their cars and increasing the chances of recovery in the event of theft.

LoJack Price

VG Motors eliminates any confusion and provides straightforward pricing on the LoJack devices we sell.

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Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

VG Motors also offers LoJack bundle packages where you can save up to $200 off on the cost of LoJack.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 407-3017.

LoJack Features

LoJack is a powerful anti-theft system designed to help you recover stolen property. There are a few features that make LoJack stand out. First and foremost, LoJack provides you with an extra layer of security for your vehicle. By equipping your car with LoJack, law enforcement is much better equipped to respond to a stolen vehicle. The system can track the car’s location within a few feet, and when the vehicle is reported as stolen, law enforcement can use that information to apprehend the thieves.

Another great feature of LoJack is that it can also be programmed to send out alerts when the car is taken. Some of the popular alerts utilized by LoJack users are:

  • Geofence Alerts – Set boundaries around places like work and school and receive notifications when your vehicle enters or exits the area.
  • Battery Alerts – No more guessing on whether your battery is charged. LoJack will alert you if your battery is low on charge.
  • Driving Behavior – Receive visibility on how your vehicle is being driven
  • Recall Notifications – Receive push notifications for cost-free fixes at a local dealership
  • Service Notifications – Service notifications will help you schedule appointments to keep your car in good condition

In addition, the customer service provided by LoJack is top-notch, meaning you can trust that assistance will be available if you have any problems or questions. These features make LoJack a great option for those looking to ensure their car’s safety and security. With the tracking technology, alerts, and customer service, you can be sure that your car will be protected no matter where you go.

Additional LoJack Features

LoJack has several features that make it a reliable and efficient vehicle tracking system. Here are some of its key features:

  1. 24/7 Monitoring – The monitoring center is operational 24/7, which means that stolen vehicles can be tracked and recovered at any time of the day.
  2. Certified Technicians – Systems are installed by certified technicians, which ensures that the system is installed correctly and functions as intended.
  3. Recovery Guarantee – If the stolen vehicle is not recovered within 30 days, you receive $5k.

How LoJack Works: Explained In 30 Seconds

Car Theft In America

Car theft has been a persistent problem in the United States for decades. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in 2020 alone, there were approximately 873,080 motor vehicle thefts reported in the United States. This translates to a rate of 219.9 thefts per 100,000 inhabitants, representing an increase of 9.2% compared to the previous year. In this article, we will examine the various aspects of car theft in America, including the reasons behind it, the most commonly stolen vehicles, and ways to prevent it.

Why Do Cars Get Stolen?

Car theft is often a crime of opportunity, and thieves will target vehicles that are easy to steal and resell. Here are some of the reasons why cars get stolen:

Lack of Security

Cars that lack basic security features such as alarms, immobilizers, and steering wheel locks are more vulnerable to theft. Thieves can easily break into such vehicles and steal them.

Valuable Parts

Some vehicles are more valuable than others, and thieves will often target cars that have expensive parts that can be sold for a high price. Examples include catalytic converters, airbags, and GPS systems.


Some car thieves are simply looking for a joyride and will steal a car for the thrill of it. These thieves are more likely to abandon the car once they are done with it.

Professional Thieves

There are professional car thieves who steal cars to resell them or to strip them for parts. These thieves are often part of organized crime groups and can steal cars quickly and efficiently.

Most Commonly Stolen Vehicles

Not all cars are equally likely to get stolen, and some models are more attractive to thieves than others. Here are the most commonly stolen vehicles in America:

Honda Civic and Accord

The Honda Civic and Accord are among the most popular cars in America, and they are also the most commonly stolen. This is because these cars have valuable parts that are easy to steal and resell.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the most popular pickup truck in America, and it is also a favorite among car thieves. This is because the F-150 is a high-value vehicle that is easy to resell.

Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado is another popular pickup truck that is frequently stolen. This is because the Silverado has valuable parts that are in high demand.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a popular midsize sedan that is also a target for car thieves. This is because the Camry has a high resale value and is easy to steal.

How To Add LoJack To A Car & Best Practices

LoJack for GM cars, trucks, and SUVs is a specialized security solution designed to protect these vehicles, offering GM owners peace of mind and increasing the chances of recovery in the event of theft.

There are several ways to prevent car theft, including:

Use Anti-Theft Devices Like LoJack

Installing anti-theft devices such as alarms, immobilizers, and GPS tracking systems can deter thieves and make it harder for them to steal your car.

Park in a Safe Location

Parking in a well-lit area or a garage can make it less likely for thieves to target your car. Avoid parking in isolated areas or places with little foot traffic.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Leaving valuables such as laptops, smartphones, or wallets in plain sight can attract thieves. Keep these items out of sight or take them with you when you leave your car.

Use Common Sense

Lock your car doors, roll up your windows, and don’t leave your car running unattended. These simple measures can make it harder for thieves to steal your car.

How To Add LoJack To A Car Conclusion

LoJack is an effective vehicle recovery system that can help you recover your stolen car quickly and easily. With its advanced GPS + cellular technology and high recovery rate, LoJack is the best option for protecting your vehicle from theft. The peace of mind and reduced insurance premiums that come with LoJack installation make it a worthwhile investment for any vehicle owner. Don’t wait until it’s too late – install LoJack in your car today and protect your investment.

At VG Motors, we believe in empowering Americans to protect themselves and their cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (850) 407-3017 or email us at [email protected].  We will be happy to walk you through the process and help you take proactive action to combat the soaring crime rates in the United States.  As your dedicated LoJack dealer and installer, VG Motors has got your back. You aren’t alone! Stay safe. Stay protected.

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