Get LoJack For Your New Or Used Vehicle

Complimentary LoJack installation in your driveway by a local technician.  We come to you. Nationwide coverage.

LoJack App VG Motors

The Benefits You'll Enjoy

No Monthly Fees

One time payment. Enjoy all the benefits of having LoJack for years. No recurring monthly payments.

Free Installation

A certified local technician will come to your driveway and conduct the 30 minute LoJack installation at no extra cost to you.

$5k Recovery Guarantee

In the event your vehicle is stolen, LoJack guarantees its return to you within 30 days or they will compensate you $5k.

What Makes LoJack #1

World Class Location Tracking

Always know here your vehicle is located


Set geofences and receive notifications when your vehicle enters or exits areas of interest like work or school

Smart Alerts

Receive alerts for speeding, low battery, service, and recall eligibility

Integrated With Law Enforcement

LoJack is the only stolen vehicle recovery product directly integrated with local law enforcement


Customer Testimonials

"I have LoJack devices on both of my vehicles and I could not be more impressed by both the quality and usability of the device. The team at VG Motors were great to work with. Would definitely recommend."
Jenn (Florida)
"Super easy buying process. Tech came out on the time/date scheduled. Install too less than 30 min. Works great!"
Darwin (Florida)
"Had a great experience! Installer showed up on time and had the device installed quickly and easily. VG Motors was a pleasure to work with; would recommend. Plus I have much more peace of mind knowing my vehicle is secure. Thanks!"
Kathy (Indiana)

The Ultimate LoJack Buyer's Guide

  1. Purchase a LoJack device from the VG Motors online store.
  2. Schedule a time for a local technician to conduct the LoJack installation for you.
  3. Have peace of mind that your vehicle is connected and protected.

Sound good? Let's go!

Hear From Darwin And His Experience With VG Motors

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can VG Motors install LoJack in my area?

Yes, if you live in the United States then we can send a trained local technician to conduct the installation for you (free of charge).

How long does installation take?

Most of our customers will have LoJack installed in their vehicle within 1 week of ordering online.  The actual installation time for our technicians is ~30 minutes.

Do you ship me the device?

No, in most cases the technician will just bring the device with them.

How do I activate my LoJack device?

Don’t worry about this.  Our technicians will take care of this for you.

What is the team at VG Motors like?

VG Motors is military veteran owned an operated.  We are a team dedicated to excellence in everything we do.  We are here to serve and equip Americans to protect themselves and their cars, trucks, and SUVs.